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What are the equipment of talc grinding production line?
- 2022-12-22 -

Introduction to Talc

Talc is a very common silicate mineral, generally in the form of massive, leaf, fibrous and radial, and in white and off-white colors. It has a wide range of uses and can be used as refractory materials, papermaking , rubber packing, leather coating, etc.

The talc grinding production line is formulated by Hongxing Machinery according to the properties of talc. The grinding of talc is very targeted, and the investment cost is still very low, and the configuration is also very simple. So what is the equipment used in this talc grinding production line? which ones? This article gives you a brief introduction.


Equipment used in talc grinding production line

The configuration of the talc grinding production line is simple. It is mainly composed of jaw crusher, Raymond mill, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, bucket elevator and other equipment. The following two important equipment are briefly introduced.
raymond mill production line

Jaw Crusher

The jaw crusher is used as an important crushing equipment in the talc grinding production line. It is mainly used for crushing large pieces of talc. It has the following advantages.
jaw crusher
a. Energy saving and environmental protection: Compared with similar equipment on the market, under the same finished product size, this equipment can save energy by more than 50%, which saves a lot of cost for the processing plant every year.

b. Good quality: using wear-resistant materials and new processing technology, the equipment has strong wear-resistant and impact-resistant performance, the quality is very guaranteed, and the service life of the equipment is extended.

c. Small pollution: Equipped with advanced dust removal device, so that the equipment does not have any pollution when it is working, and the emission standard is also within the range stipulated by the state.

d. High output: The equipment has a very large crushing ratio and high crushing efficiency, which improves the crushing capacity of the equipment and the output of talc, thereby greatly improving the benefits of the customer enterprise.

Raymond mill

Raymond mill is used as an important grinding equipment in the talc grinding production line. This equipment has high grinding efficiency and high output. It is currently a practical and high-yielding talc grinding equipment. The following is the equipment A brief introduction of the advantages.

raymond mill

a. High sieving efficiency of the finished product: The sieving rate of the talc finished product obtained by grinding is as high as 99%, which is not available in similar grinding equipment on the market.

b. Few failures: The wear resistance and impact resistance of the equipment are very good, so the friction will be very small during the working process, so the probability of equipment failure is also very low.

c. Strong complete set performance: it can independently complete the grinding operation of talc, which reduces the labor intensity and increases the output of talc.

d. Good sealing performance: From the beginning of grinding to the subsequent packaging, the equipment runs smoothly, which reduces maintenance costs to a certain extent.


Talc grinding production line process

The raw material talc is evenly sent to the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for primary crushing operation.

After crushing, the talc that meets the particle size requirements is sent to the storage bin by the bucket elevator, and then the talc in the storage bin is recycled. The electromagnetic vibrating feeder evenly sends it into the Raymond mill for grinding operation.

After grinding, the talc that meets the particle size requirements enters the analyzer for sorting under the blower of the blower.

After sorting, it meets the particle size requirements. The talc enters the cyclone collector for separation and collection, and then is discharged from the powder outlet pipe, thus completing the talc grinding operation.


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