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What are the large quarry equipment?
- 2023-04-23 -
Quarries are also called stone processing plants, generally made of various ore raw materials such as limestone, basalt or granite that have not been treated by chemical methods, and are made by mechanical crushing. The particle size is usually 5-60mm, and they are used in various fields. , with the rise of infrastructure engineering and other industries, it will also usher in the spring of development, provided that the relevant procedures are completed in accordance with the regulations, so what are the large-scale quarry equipment?

For quarry equipment, according to the current market understanding, there are about a dozen models and hundreds of models, and those that can better meet the equipment used by large enterprises include jaw crushers, cone crushers, and heavy hammer crushers. etc. The output per hour can reach 500-3000 tons. Which one to choose depends on the actual production needs.

Jaw Crusher

Generally, it is used for primary crushing and coarse crushing in the quarry production line. It adopts the working principle of extrusion crushing. The crushing chamber is composed of two jaw plates, the movable jaw and the static jaw, and the operation is completed by simulating the movement of the two jaws of animals.

Based on the current development and mining machine technology, the machine has been improved in terms of motion parameters, structural form, and adjustment methods. It has a deep V-shaped crushing cavity and no dead zone, which can meet greater feeding needs and improve efficiency. At the same time, it adopts wedge adjustment The discharge port is easy to adjust and maintain, with a large crushing ratio and uniform particle size of the finished product. In addition, the key components such as the needle jaw plate and the lining plate are all made of high manganese steel and high-quality alloy materials, and the whole machine is durable.

Cone crusher

As a secondary crusher, it is used for medium/fine crushing, and is more suitable for harder materials (granite, basalt, quartz, etc.). Through the design of the laminated crushing cavity and fixed-axis structure, the wall of the rolling mortar does not need fillers and is easy to replace.

Through the design of large eccentricity and high swing frequency, the equipment can be operated at a lower speed, and the gradation of the product can be changed to produce less fine materials, resulting in higher output and larger size. At the same time, the fully intelligent automatic control system , Equipped with a remote touch screen operation interface, easy to achieve safety protection, all components can be disassembled from the top and side, quick and easy replacement, very suitable for large enterprises.

Hammer Crusher

It is a new upgraded product with a large feeding port, which can be used for coarse/medium/fine crushing. It crushes materials through the impact of the hammer head. It has a modular design and can be converted by changing the cavity type.
The machine simplifies the working process, improves the workload, and has no grate design, which can crush wet materials, and the work will not be affected in rainy days. It solves the traditional problems of easy blockage, easy jamming, and low output. The large-scale machine is equipped with a hydraulic pumping hammer. The shaft device is convenient for replacing the hammer head and hammer shaft, saving time and effort.


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