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About the daily maintenance and maintenance of the ultrafine mill
- 2023-01-31 -
1. During the use of the mill, a special person should be responsible, and a post responsibility system and operating specifications should be established. Operators must be familiar with the machine's performance, usage requirements, and operating procedures. New employees must undergo technical training, and can only work after meeting the requirements.

2. The lubrication work of the transmission parts in the ultra-fine pulverizer accessories must be in place, the addition of lubricant should not be too much or too little, the selection of lubricants in winter and summer should be correct, and the cleaning work of this part must be careful, impurities will Contaminated lubricants affect its lubricating effect. It is best to regularly and thoroughly clean up and add new lubricants according to the work intensity.

3. Always check the blowback air pressure of the filter bag dust collector to avoid clogging of the filter bag, and the decrease of the fan current will affect the output of the equipment. Usually, pay attention to the sealing of the joints of the pipeline to ensure no air leakage; check the dust collector regularly, if there is a filter If the bag is damaged, it should be replaced in time to avoid pollution caused by dust leakage; the water discharge switch at the lower part of the oil-water separator should discharge water 2-4 times every 8 hours.

4. Always check the parts and fasten them in time if they are found to be loose, so as to avoid accidents; if the wearing parts such as grinding rollers, grinding rings, discs, and shaft pins are found to be seriously worn, the wearing parts should be replaced at the same time. To ensure normal production; the muffler should be cleaned regularly to avoid excessive resistance and affect the air volume of the system.

5. The external working environment of the ultra-fine mill should be careful to avoid open-air production. Exposure to the sun and rain will cause damage to the mill to varying degrees. If water enters the machine, the effect will be even worse. The leaking surface of the mill needs to be coated with anti-rust If rust is found, it should be dealt with immediately and anti-rust repair measures should be taken.

6. The working hours of the mill should be planned in detail. The machine is the same as a human being. Try to avoid overworked work. Overworked operation is not only low in production efficiency, but also causes great damage to the machine, which is one of the killers that shorten the service life.

ultrafine grinding mill

If the maintenance is in place, the frequency of failures of the ultrafine mill will be properly and effectively reduced, and the occasional failures can be repaired in time to get twice the result with half the effort. In fact, maintenance is also a kind of maintenance, because no matter how high-quality grinding equipment is, it cannot withstand wanton The operation and quality are determined by the manufacturer, but the maintenance is in their own hands. If the two are combined, the effect will be ideal.


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