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Quartz dry sand production line
- 2023-02-03 -
Quartz stone is widely used, mainly used for acid refractory bricks in the metallurgical industry, and because the chemical and physical properties of quartz stone are very stable, after processing, it meets the standards of construction sand and can be used as natural sand in construction, roads, etc. , Hydropower and other industries.

1. Processing flow of quartz stone dry sand production line

The quartz stone is evenly sent to the jaw crusher through the vibrating feeder for coarse crushing, and then enters the cone crusher for fine crushing. If you want a higher specification product, you need to choose a sand making machine before proceeding. For ultra-fine crushing, the output particle size can be adjusted according to production needs to obtain the desired finished product.

2. Crusher suitable for processing quartz stone

According to the process of quartz stone dry sand production line, the types of crushers commonly used for crushing quartz stone include: jaw crusher, cone crusher, and impact crusher. The following will introduce their adaptability to quartz stone one by one.

(1) Jaw Crusher
The jaw crusher is mainly used in the primary crushing and coarse crushing link of the quartz stone dry sand production line. It can crush various materials with a particle size not greater than 1200mm, a compressive strength not exceeding 320MPa, and a discharge particle size between 10-350mm. The jaw crusher has a large crushing ratio and strong crushing capacity. The "V"-shaped deep cavity and curved extrusion make the material fully stressed in the crushing cavity and the product particle size is uniform.
jaw crusher
(2) Cone Crusher
Common medium and fine crushing equipment includes cone crusher and impact crusher. Due to the hardness and strength of quartz stone are relatively large, its hardness can reach 7 grades, and its compressive strength is also around 200-300Mpa. It is more suitable to use lamination. It is a cone crusher with crushing principle operation, high wear-resistant material, strong wear resistance and low failure rate.
cone crusher
(3) Impact Crusher
The impact crusher is also called the impact sand making machine, which is mainly used for three-stage sand making and shaping. It mainly adopts the working principle of "rock hitting rock" and "rock hitting iron". The machine can combine the two principles and methods, which can not only make sand, but also shape, which greatly improves the quality of the finished product. The finished product has a cubic grain shape, less needle flake content, uniform particle size, and reasonable gradation. It is a high-yielding machine. , Environmentally friendly sand making equipment.
impact crusher

Generally, the profit of a small quartz stone sand factory can easily reach more than one million yuan. The main reason is that the ban on mining of natural sand and the continuous development of infrastructure have caused the continuous expansion of the gap between the supply and demand of sand and gravel, which makes the current price of sand and gravel show a trend. A steady upward trend. Of course, production lines of different scales and demand in different regions will have a corresponding impact on profitability, and corresponding investigations need to be done well in investment.


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