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What is the difference between stone powder and sand?
- 2023-02-07 -
The stone powder machine is a stone powder machine, which can improve the reuse of stone powder, reduce resource waste, low operating cost, environmental protection and energy saving, high production efficiency, and complete equipment models. The price of a stone powder machine on the market starts at tens of thousands of yuan, but stone powder and What are the different uses of sand?

What is the difference between stone powder and sand?
In recent years, the construction industry has been in the developing stage. Many transportation hub projects have been carried out, and the demand for sand and gravel aggregates is increasing. In the past, it was mainly river sand. With the continuous reduction of natural resources, machine-made sand, waste stone (construction waste , tailings and stone powder) become an alternative source, after scientific processing and reuse, but the difference between stone powder and sand? There are differences, mainly in terms of resource issues, granularity, cost price, processing cycle and so on.

1. Stone powder is a general term for stone powder. There are many types of stone, and there are many varieties according to the mineral composition. Limestone is only one kind. There is also talcum powder in stone powder, which is used to make putty, and quartz powder, which is used to make glass. Carry out secondary processing and reuse as machine-made sand to create economic benefits.

2. Sand, which belongs to natural sand, refers to fine stone particles, or things shaped like sand, which are formed after years of rain, snow, beating and erosion, repeated collisions, wind erosion, etc., with complex components and many impurities. And over-exploitation will destroy the riverbed, and even lead to the imbalance of the ecological balance of the river bank. At present, mining has been banned in many places.

Stone powder machine picture and equipment model
Stone powder machine equipment combined with its characteristic design, novel structure, high output, there are many types in the market, commonly used are VSI stone powder machine, Raymond stone powder machine and other equipment, with an hourly output of 10-650 tons, which can meet the needs of stone powder processing plants of different scales. Specific model parameters are as follows, and can be customized on demand.

VSI stone powder machine
The machine-made sand is mainly processed, the impeller of the deep cavity, the impact angle of the crushing cavity is improved, and the throughput is increased by 30%. The feeding in the middle and the periphery is flexible and easy to switch. It is necessary to replace the worn part, which can reduce the cost of use by 30%. The hydraulic cover opening device is convenient for inspection and maintenance;
sand making machine

Raymond stone powder machine
The main processing is grinding, the finished product is finer, the three-dimensional structure design, the occupied area is small, an independent production system is formed from the lump material to the finished powder, saving investment cost, the sorting accuracy is high, the sieving rate is as high as 99%, the transmission device Sealed gear box and pulley are adopted, the transmission is stable and the operation is reliable;
Raymond mill

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