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Processing technology of granite crushing and grinding
- 2022-12-20 -
Granite is a kind of rock widely distributed in magmatic rocks. Its main rock forming minerals are quartz, feldspar, mica and a small amount of dark minerals, which belong to crystalline structure and massive structure. The colors of granite are dark blue, purple red, light gray and pure black, and the color is mainly determined by the color of feldspar, because there is more feldspar in granite. Granite is hard and dense, with high compressive strength between 120~250MPa, apparent density between 2600~2700kg/m3, low porosity (0.19%~0.36%), low water absorption (0.1%~0.3%), good wear resistance, high durability, and service life of tens to hundreds of years.


Use of granite grinding

(1) Granite rocks can be used for different purposes according to the grain size: fine grains can be polished or carved as decorative plates or works of art; Medium grain size is often used for building piers, bridge arches, dikes, harbors, roads, etc; The coarse grain is rolled into crushed stone, which is an excellent aggregate for concrete.

(2) Granite powder can be used as inert stone powder to change the working performance of concrete. It is feasible to mix inert stone powder and mineral powder, which can give consideration to economy and concrete performance, strength and durability. The mixture of inert stone powder and fly ash has great influence on the strength, carbonation resistance and chloride ion penetration resistance of medium and low grade concrete.

(3) The columnar wollastonite glass ceramics can be prepared by mixing granite powder with limestone, sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate, carbon and zinc oxide to prepare glass batch, which can be used as building decoration materials. Granite waste, limestone, dolomite and alumina can be used to prepare different groups of proportioning materials to obtain glass ceramics with different decorative patterns.

(4) The main components of granite include feldspar, quartz and biotite. Using granite stone solid waste sawdust to prepare ceramic raw materials, on the one hand, it fundamentally solves the industrial problem of stone sawdust polluting the environment and wasting resources, on the other hand, it also uses renewable resources to replace the original ore, solving the problem of raw material supply in the ceramic industry. In addition, granite powder can also be used to replace fly ash in the production of mineral powder and manufacture of artificial stone.


Primary crushing

The raw materials are uniformly fed by the vibrating feeder through the silo and transported to the jaw crusher for primary crushing. The materials after primary crushing and the fine materials screened by the vibrating feeder are transported to the transfer material pile by the belt conveyor.

Jaw crusher (hereinafter referred to as jaw crusher) is mainly used for medium particle size crushing of ores and bulk materials. It can crush materials with compressive strength up to 320Mpa, including coarse crushing and fine crushing.

jaw crusher

Robust structure and stable performance: the world's advanced technology, high-quality steel of Baosteel, Timken bearings of the United States, heavy-duty eccentric shaft, and finite element analysis technology are used to make the structure firm, stable performance, and long-term operation;

Large crushing ratio and high output: adopt heavy-duty sheave and flywheel, and optimize jaw plate to make crushing force greater; The "V" design makes the feeding port conform to the actual situation, the crushing chamber is deep and there is no dead zone, and the output is higher; Convenient operation and energy saving in operation: hydraulic lubrication and wedge adjustment make the operation more convenient and flexible, and the lubrication more convenient. The single machine can save energy by 15%~30%, and the system can save energy by more than one time.


Grinding stage

Structure of granite grinding mill

Granite mill is an equipment formed by further innovation on the basis of traditional mill. Its main components include host, motor, analyzer, pipe device, grinding roller, grinding ring, energy-saving device, control system and protection circuit. Therefore, the automation degree of this equipment is very high, and users can use it more simply and conveniently.

granite grinding mill

Advantages of granite grinding mill

1. Stable operation: the internal design of the equipment is quite professional and delicate, and the connection between parts is very compact. This not only reduces the weight and volume of the equipment, but also helps to improve the stable operation of the equipment.

2. Long service life: its casing is made of domestic good metal, which has high hardness, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. A good casing can not only protect the core components inside the equipment from damage, but also lay a solid hardware foundation for extending the service life of the equipment.

3. Simpler operation: its actual operation is simpler, which reduces the difficulty of operation and use of the device, and increases the application strength for users, which is one of the main reasons why the device is popular.

4. More convenient adjustment: the adjustment device of the new generation granite mill is very developed, and users can reasonably control it according to their actual needs. From this, we can see that its grinding accuracy is high, and the discharge particle size is more uniform and delicate.

The output of granite grinder is incomparable to other similar equipment. Its production capacity is very large and its working efficiency is quite high. Until now, the output and capacity of the equipment can reach the degree of user satisfaction, which also stems from the importance attached to the output during the development of the equipment. We have carried out a series of experiments on the core component of the equipment - the motor, to ensure the safety and stability of the component, A good motor can not only improve the operation stability of the equipment, but also provide a solid hardware guarantee for the increase of output and capacity.


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