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What kind of machine is used for glass grinding?
- 2023-01-04 -
Waste glass is a recyclable resource, if it is only crushed (2-20mm particle size) and then smelted, this is only a low-level recycling. Processing waste glass into glass powder can increase the recycling and processing value of waste glass. So how to process waste glass into glass powder? What kind of machine is used for glass grinding?

Use of waste glass powder

After the waste glass powder is recycled, it is a good material for the production of glass beads, glass pumice, glass mosaics, colored glass balls, glass surfaces, glass bricks, artificial glass marble, foam glass, etc. At the same time, the waste glass powder can be used to make glass , coatings, asphalt road fillers, building bricks.

(1) Making coatings from waste glass: use waste glass and waste tires to crush them into fine powder, and mix them into coatings in a certain proportion, which can replace silica and other materials in coatings.

(2) Glass-ceramic raw material: Glass-ceramic has a hard texture, high mechanical strength, good chemical stability and thermal stability. However, the production cost of traditional raw materials commonly used in glass-ceramics is relatively high. Foreign countries have succeeded in producing glass-ceramics by using waste glass from the float process and fly ash from power plants instead of traditional glass-ceramic raw materials.

(3) Glass asphalt: use waste glass as filler for asphalt roads. It can mix glass, stone and ceramics without color sorting. Using glass as a filler for asphalt roads has several advantages over other materials: improving the anti-skid performance of the road surface; wear resistance; improving the reflectivity of the road surface and enhancing nighttime visibility.

(4) Building facing bricks: use waste glass as raw material, mix with appropriate amount of plastic clay material, granulate, shape, sinter and other processes, and sinter at a temperature of 950-1050°C for 180-210min to produce building facing bricks. It has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, high strength, not easy to fade and anti-aging.

How to process glass powder from waste glass? What kind of machine is used for glass grinding?

It is recommended to use Raymond mill for grinding waste glass.

raymond mill

Raymond mill is a commonly used powder processing machine for ore grinding. It has high grinding efficiency and can be applied to more than 200 different ore grinding operations. The very important meaning is indispensable for the grinding process of glass.

How to process glass powder from waste glass? Waste glass slag is fed into the machine from the feed hopper on the side of the Raymond mill shell, relying on the grinding roller device suspended on the plum blossom frame of the main machine, it revolves around the vertical axis, and at the same time it rotates by itself. Due to the centrifugal force during rotation, the grinding roller It swings outwards and presses tightly on the grinding ring, so that the shovel scoops up the material and sends it between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and achieves the purpose of crushing the material due to the rolling and rolling of the grinding roller.
Raymond mill
1. All-round optimization, lower operating costs
Starting from the details, realize lower energy consumption, stronger drying capacity, lower wear and tear of core parts and more convenient maintenance, saving customers' equipment operating costs.

2. High grinding efficiency, good quality of finished product
The material stays in the mill for a short time, reducing repeated grinding and stabilizing product quality; at the same time, the grinding roller and the grinding disc are not in direct contact, and the iron content in the product is low, effectively ensuring the whiteness and purity of the material.

3. Green and environmental protection, reliable operation
The mill is sealed as a whole and works under negative pressure, no dust spills, the environment is clean, and the emission standard can reach ≤10mg/Nm; at the same time, it is equipped with a limit device to avoid destructive impact and severe vibration, and the equipment runs stably with small vibration. low noise.

4. Simple operation, high intelligence
Equipped with an automatic control system, it can realize free switching between remote control and local control, which is easy to operate and save labor; equipped with an automatic lubrication system, it can realize 24-hour non-stop production.


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