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What equipment does it take to be swung to bentonite?
- 2022-04-01 -
Bentonite is a non-metallic mineral that is mainly mineral ingredients of montmorillonite, and the bentonite is also called pneumatic rock, soap or eutectic rock. It is aqueous clay mine mainly in montmorillonite, hardness 1 ~ 2, density 2 ~ 3g / cm3.


1. Bentonite (montmorillonite) has good physical chemical properties with very strong babies, adhesion, adsorption, catalytic, tropical, suspension, and the like. After the mill is used, it is often used as a purification decolorizing agent, a binder, a thixotropic, a suspending agent, a stabilizer, a filling, a feed, a catalyst or the like. Widely used in the fields of agriculture, light industry, cosmetics, medicine and other fields.

2. The bentonite after the milling is also used to make waterproof materials such as bentonite waterproof blanket, bentonite waterproof board and its supporting materials, and the mechanical fixation method.
3. Bentonite is a wide range of natural mineral materials. Benton soil has adsorption and cation exchange properties, which can be used to remove toxins, gasoline and kerosene purification, wastewater treatment.

Since there is a good water-absorbing expansion property and dispersion and suspension and hypermage, it can also be used for drilling mud and flame retardant (suspended fire). It is also possible to make a filler in the papermaking industry, optimize the properties of the coating, such as adhesion, hiding force, water resistance, and brush resistance.

Due to the good bonding force, instead of starch is used for both yarns in the textile industry, the water is pulverized, and there is no hair, and the paddle does not make an odor.


What equipment does it take to be swung to bentonite?

Investing in a bentonite processing plant, what kind of processing equipment is selected, and the reasonable matching production line is more conducive to creating high income. Since the swellable Tu's hardness is 1 to 2, it belongs to the soft non-metallic mine of texture, and there is currently a main jaw crusher, Raymond mill or ultrafine mill, which constitutes a bentonite processing equipment. You also need to use other auxiliary equipment joint operations, such as bucket hoist, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, powder, dust collector, blower, distribution cabinet, etc.

Jaw crusher: mainly used to be born to bentonite, designed to break the bulk material into smaller particle size to facilitate the entering of Raymond milling.
jaw crusher
Raymond mill: mainly polling the bentonite, the discharge can be adjusted between 80-325 purposes, the sieve rate is high, and the finished product is delicate.
Raymond mill
Ultrafine grinding mill: mainly tap the bentonite, finely adjusting between 200-2500. Stable production, high segmentation content, high powder quality.
ultrafine grinding mill
In addition to the above processing equipment, according to the different requirements of the customer, the bentonite processing production line can also be configured to counterattack, high-strength mill, high pressure mill, ultra-fine oil mill, microfluble milling. We will design a suitable solution for your feed, production, discharge, production conditions, investment budget.


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