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What crusher is better for calcite?
- 2022-03-03 -

Calcite is a common stone in sand and gravel factories. Because of its moderate hardness and wear resistance, it is mined by many sand factories for processing, crushing and sand making. The produced sand and gravel aggregate can be used in construction, and is widely used in highways, high-speed railways, rural roads, construction sand and other fields. Calcite is an ideal material for the construction industry.

The quality of calcite crushing and sand making has a lot to do with the crushing and processing equipment. Only through scientific and reasonable processing and crushing can the value of calcite itself be brought into play, and its quality can be improved to become sand and gravel aggregates with excellent particle gradation.


What crusher is better for calcite?

There are many types of crushers that can crush calcite, and the specific crusher needs to choose different machines according to the size of the calcite. In addition, the output requirements of each user's crushed calcite are different, resulting in different calcite crushers used.

1. Jaw Crusher
This jaw crusher is mainly suitable for the head crushing treatment of all kinds of sand and gravel materials, and is known as the "Tiger's Mouth". Because it has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high production efficiency and low operating cost, it is used in many sand and gravel sites.
jaw crusher

2. Impact crusher
The impact crusher adopts relatively refined rotor and cavity type, and has a large crushing ratio, which is suitable for medium and fine crushing of low-hardness and brittle materials; its crushing effect is good, and the crushed materials meet the market demand.
impact crusher

3. Cone Crusher
Cone crusher is often used for medium and fine crushing of materials with high hardness, and its hourly output is also large, up to 2130 tons. The structure is simple, the reliability is strong, the maintenance and operation are easy, and the use cost is low. With a variety of cavity designs, the material can also be crushed to different degrees.
cone crusher

4. Hammer Crusher
Hammer crusher is a major feature that the stone is formed once and does not need secondary crushing. It can reduce the cost by about 40%, with low energy consumption and little investment. The finished material can be adjusted according to the needs, with coarse, medium, fine, and complete specifications; no flakes, no smooth bodies, and polygons and edges to ensure compressive strength.
hammer crusher


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