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Take you to understand the process flow of calcite
- 2021-06-01 -

Calcite characteristics:

Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral with a wide distribution. There are many kinds of crystal shapes, and many square pieces can be obtained by hitting calcite, hence the name calcite. This type of mineral has very high hardness and stable chemical properties, so it has a very high application value. It is often widely used in many fields such as construction, mining, metallurgy, and industry.

Calcite technological process:

1. Crushing process

The equipment to be used includes: jaw crusher, hammer crusher (impact crusher), vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, etc. The specific working process is as follows:
The unprocessed calcite first enters the vibrating feeder, and then enters the jaw crusher through the belt conveyor for crushing. The jaw crusher is a device with high output, simple operation and excellent performance. After machining, it goes to the hammer crusher, which is the equipment for the secondary crushing of calcite. After the hammer crusher is processed, its output is more refined, so it enters the vibrating screen for effective screening, and the qualified materials are packaged. , The unqualified materials are processed repeatedly, and the output precision is higher, and the user's recognition and satisfaction will be higher.

2. Flour milling process

The equipment needed includes: calcite stone---jaw crusher-- hoist---superfine grinding machine---air separator---finished calcite powder (300-3000 mesh), specific The working process is as follows:
Due to the large specifications of calcite raw materials, it cannot directly enter the ultra fine grinding machine powder operation. It needs to go through a crushing link. At this time, a fine jaw crusher needs to be configured to meet the crushing process. The material machine is evenly sent to the fine-jaw crusher for processing, and after the fine crushing process, the materials that meet the standards are sent to the next processing link.
Continuing the previous process, the calcite that meets the standard is sent to the ultra fine grinding mill through a hoist, an electromagnetic vibrating feeder, and after grinding and analysis, it is made into fine calcite powder, which can be directly exported to the warehouse for packaging.

ultrafine grinding mill

Advantages of calcite grinding process:

1. CLIRIK can configure processing equipment according to the characteristics of calcite, with a high degree of automated production and strong pertinence. The grinding process can basically reach the level of unmanned operation. 

2. The processing efficiency is very high, it is stable and reliable, the floor space is small, and the design is reasonable. 

3. The operation is simpler and more convenient. Due to the very high degree of automation of the production line, this move reduces the user's application difficulty to a certain extent. 

4. During the production process, no noise will be emitted, so it is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly production line with low energy consumption and no harm to the environment.


How about the price of calcite superfine mill?

The price range of calcite ultra fine grinding mills is 8-1.8 million. On the one hand, the model and specifications are different. The large one is definitely more expensive than the small one. On the other hand, it is also the reason for the configuration. The configuration is different, the price is different, and the user is configuring the equipment. It needs to be configured in accordance with its own processing requirements, whether it is large or small, high or low, as long as it can reduce costs and achieve greater benefits, it is worth buying.

With a calcite superfine mill, how to spend less money and buy better equipment?

The first thing to do is to shop around. There are many manufacturers producing calcite ultra fine grinding mills on the market, including powerful brand manufacturers and small and medium-sized manufacturers. Keep your eyes open, choose carefully, don't be confused by the low price strategy of the manufacturers, choose several manufacturers to compare.
Secondly, you need to visit the manufacturer’s production base and the user’s site to understand the manufacturer’s production strength and the real operation of the equipment, and consult the users who have used the equipment how to evaluate, so that you can buy better quality superfine Flour mill equipment.

CLIRIK calcite superfine mill, affordable price and one-stop service

Pre-sales: According to customer needs, tailor-made solutions, project manager one-to-one service, free visits to the factory and workshop, and free inspection of the case site with materials.
In-sale: deliver goods on time, the engineer will guide the installation for free, or you can send a special person to install, guide and inspect the installation site on the spot, until the normal production and operation.
After-sales service: Provide customers with remote assistance services at any time. If it cannot be solved, a dedicated person can be assigned to solve after-sales problems on site. The equipment is guaranteed for one year and maintained for life.

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