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Manufacturers for your calcite grinding machines are only the first step
- 2018-10-10 -

 The extensive application of calcite in the market has led to the development of calcite grinding machine.
How to choose calcite grinding machine has become a problem for consumers. The grinding mills used for calcite usually include Raymond mill and ultra-fine mill. These two are more commonly used, can meet the general customer’s requirements for calcite powder production and fineness. But these two types of grinding mills also have their shortcomings. The former can only meet the fineness requirement of less than 500 meshes, while the calcite powder produced by ultra-fine grinder can reach 3000 meshes. However, if the customer has higher requirements for production and fineness simultaneously, our ultra-fine vertical mill is a good choice.
Calcite Raymond mill and ultra-fine mill are not in low price. Therefore, the customers must give consideration to the quality and service life of the mill. In this regard, customers will generally choose prestigious manufacturers and check the machine in person. If conditions permit, customers will even go to other buyers' machine operation site to see how the machine works and get feedback. However, even so, the calcite mill is difficult to avoid damage.
The core component of calcite grinding machine is its easily-worn grinding device. The wear resistance and structure design of these components need to be paid attention to. The mill produced by our company uses bearing steel as the material of grinding ring, and 42CrMo of the grinding roller. These components have less internal metal medium, which makes the final product highly pure. In addition, the mill speed is controlled at 200 to 260 rpm. There is also a unique design, that is, the grinding place between the grinder's ring and the roller is curved, rather than straight. This design enlarges the stress area during grinding and improves the crushing efficiency. There is no rolling bearing and screw in the grinding chamber of the mill. So there will be no bearing and seal damage, screw loosening and so on.

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