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Can calcite repair the cracks in concrete after a while?
- 2018-09-14 -

 Concrete is one of the most commonly used building materials. But this material also has great defects. Concrete has large fragility, low tensile strength and easily cracks. Under the influence of many conditions, concrete will crack and cause great influence. Therefore, it is urgent to improve the strength of concrete materials.
In fact, many microorganisms in nature can complete calcite mineralization outside the cell. Calcite is one of the most stable materials in nature. It is feasible to use calcite to repair the cracks in concrete during use.
As you can see, calcite really plays a significant role in today’s market. And it could be said that calcite can be more widely used with the help of advanced technology. Before it is applied in many fields, the processing procedure of calcite also matters. Crushing or grinding? What is the difference between these two processing method?
On the one hand, crushing and grinding of calcite can be different in many aspects. The biggest difference, of course, is calcite grinding machine can make the high-fineness calcite powder that calcite crushing machine cannot reach. In the real situation, grinding is the procedure next to crushing. In other words, the crushing machine crush the calcite ore into small blocks or pieces, and then calcite grinding machine can work easily to break such ore into the powder we know. So, it could be concluded that the crushing and grinding machine cannot be separated. The grinding machine in the market today also contains the design of crushing machine, such as calcite Raymond mill and calcite ultra-fine grinding machine. The jaw crusher and hammer crusher are the most commonly used one in these two representative grinding mills in our company.
Which one is better?
This depends on the customer’s requirements of capacity and output powder fineness. If the customer want to get the high-fineness powder which is higher than 425 mesh, we would recommend the calcite ultra-fine grinding mill. If the requirement of output powder fineness is lower, calcite Raymond mill could be a good choice. Of course, the capacity of both machine can be satisfied. Price of the machine must be a key element for the customers. Because the calcite ultra-fine grinding machine can produce high-fineness powder, and meanwhile it could meet the demand of high capacity that Raymond mill maybe not meet, its price is higher than Raymond mill.

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