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Calcite being used as the filler in different paint
- 2018-08-30 -

 Calcite is mostly irregular, massive crystals, and these crystals are often rhombic columnar and angular. Calcite is generally divided into two types: colorless and yellowish white, with smooth surface and glass luster. In addition, calcite is hard and easily shattered. Its fragments are usually square or rectangular. Generally speaking, the white transparent and fragile calcite is more popular with the customers and can be applied in many fields.
Heavy calcium carbonate is white powder made from high quality calcite. Its main component is CaCO3. Heavy calcium carbonate has high whiteness, good purity and stable chemical composition. Heavy calcium carbonate powder can be used as a white pigment in paint and plays a role as a skeleton. Calcium carbonate can be used as a kind of pigment in paint industry. Compared with latex and solvent used in coatings, calcium carbonate has lower price, fine particles and can be uniformly dispersed in coatings. These make calcium carbonate be widely used as physical pigment. Calcium carbonate as filler can enhance the deposition and permeability of primer on the base surface. In heavy paint, heavy calcium carbonate powder can increase the viscosity of the paint, playing a filling and flattening role. So in thick paint, we usually add about 25% to 78% of heavy calcium carbonate. In finish-coat paint, semi-gloss and matte paint would adopt additional body paint to reduce gloss, and heavy calcium carbonate powder is a good matting filler. In addition, calcium carbonate can be used as an additive for multicolor paint. It can be used to not only reduce the cost of materials, but also achieve the purpose of improving decorative effect. Heavy calcium carbonate can play an anti rust role in metal antirust Coatings. Shanghai Clirik has devoted to the innovation and manufacturing of calcite grindng machines for so many years. As a quality-oriented company, we can supply many models of grinding equipment for the clients. HGM 90 grinding machine is the main part in the calcite processing plant.This machine is good at making calcite powder with high fineness. As for this, our company can provide the trial for every interested customers. In addition, the professional engineers of the whole calcite processing plant  will do the whole installation work in the process.

calcite processing machine


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