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What are the common accessories of superfine powder mills?
- 2021-11-01 -
The superfine powder mill is composed of various accessories. In the grinding operation of materials, these parts cooperate with each other to keep the equipment in normal operation state, so as to realize the grinding and milling of materials. Here, we will give you a brief introduction to the common accessories of ultra-fine powder mills.
superfine powder mill
1. Grinding roller grinding ring
In the ultrafine powder mill, the grinding roller grinding ring is the main grinding part, and it is also one of the more vulnerable parts. Under normal circumstances, the material of the grinding roller ring is high manganese steel wear-resistant material. However, because the materials ground by the ultra-fine powder mill have greater hardness, with the operation of the equipment, a strong external force threatens the service life of the grinding roller and grinding ring. These parts are usually overhauled and replaced on a regular basis to ensure the smooth progress of the grinding operation.

2. Shovel
When the ultra-fine powder mill grinds the powder, the blade is the main carrier of the material. It scoops up the material entering the grinding chamber and throws it between the grinding roller and grinding ring at a certain angle. It is one of the parts that directly contact the material. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of the milling equipment, the blade is generally required to have strong wear resistance.

3. Transmission
In the ultra-fine powder mill, the bevel gear transmission is a major feature. Under normal circumstances, the bevel gear is the channel through which the entire motor energy is transmitted, and its transmission effect directly affects the production results of the milling equipment. Therefore, bevel gear transmission has very strict requirements for lubrication.

4. Grinding roller shaft and bearing
The grinding roller shaft and bearing connected between the grinding roller and the plum blossom frame are also important transmission devices. In the process of ultra-fine powder grinding mechanism, if the equipment is used improperly, or the ultra-fine powder mill is in an overloaded operation state for a long time, the bearing part is lack of lubricating oil, etc., it is easy to cause the whole machine to lock up. Case.

5. Analyzing machine, fan blades
Blades are installed inside the analyzer and fan of the ultrafine powder mill, which play a role in rotating powder selection for the grinding operation. Although these parts are not easy to wear, they will be damaged to varying degrees with the extension of working time, which will affect the grinding effect. Therefore, the analyzer and fan blades also need to be overhauled and updated regularly.


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