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How to choose a calcite grinding mill?
- 2021-05-14 -

Basic Information of calcite:

Calcite is one of the most common calcium carbonate minerals and is widely distributed. Calcite is a rock-forming iron ore on the earth, which accounts for more than 40% of the total production of the earth's interior. It has no less than 200 types and various shapes: crystals, granular, massive, fibrous, stalactite, earthy and so on. Its representative origins are China, Spain, the Netherlands, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Germany, etc.
Common calcite powders include 325 mesh, 800 mesh, 1250 mesh, and 4,000 mesh. Because of its stable properties, it can be used as a filler. It is widely used in papermaking, construction, artificial marble (325 mesh); rubber, plastic, and floor tiles (400 mesh); fireproof ceiling (600 mesh); paint, water-based paint (800 mesh or 1000 mesh) and other industries.

4 steps to select a calcite grinding mill:

• First of all, we should determine the application direction of calcite powder. Different industries have different requirements on the fineness and performance of calcite powder. It is clear what kind of calcite powder we need to produce, whether powder modification is required, etc. If modification is required, powder modification machine should also be considered. It is best to choose a Ability to provide a complete set of process solutions and equipment manufacturers.
• After clarifying the fineness of calcite powder, we also need to determine our output requirements, and consider whether the equipment feed particle size is controllable, etc.
• After the fineness and output of the finished product are roughly clarified, you can start looking for manufacturers that meet the requirements of the equipment. You can contact a number of mill manufacturers through Internet advertising, e-commerce network search, etc. After preliminary consultation and understanding, select the cost-effective milling equipment manufacturers, and then go to the mill manufacturers to inspect the company's scale and production. situation.
• It is recommended to choose a large-scale milling equipment manufacturer to ensure the quality, reputation, and after-sales service of the equipment. The large-scale company system is relatively complete, and the technology, after-sales and other services are also relatively professional. Professional and pertinent suggestions can be given, which is more conducive to our targeted selection of milling equipment.

2021 hot-selling high-quality calcite grinding mill:

The following introduces several ore grinding machines that can be used for grinding calcite. In addition to grinding calcite, it can also be used to grind more than 100 kinds of ore such as limestone, talc, mica, and kaolin. It is widely used.
HGM ultrafine calcite grinding mill
HGM ultrafine grinding mill can produce calcite powder with a fineness of 325-3000 mesh. It has a relatively small volume, does not take up space, and is very simple to operate and very convenient to use. It also has an intelligent frequency conversion speed regulating device, which can control the material feeding speed.
CLUM calcite vertical roller mill
If you have a large demand for output, then this CLUM vertical roller mill is very suitable for you.
It is suitable for Suitable for large capacity production, output: 0.2-45 tons/hour, final product fineness 325-3000 mesh. The finished powder obtained by CLUM vertical roller mill has high whiteness, fine particle size and good sphericity.
Powerful drying ability: drying and grinding raw materials with a moisture content of up to 15%.
YGM calcite raymond mill
If you do not require high fineness of calcite powder, you can consider this YGM raymond mill. Its finished product fineness is 50-600 mesh. Compared with the traditional Raymond mill, the wear of the grinding roller and the grinding ring is smaller, and the output is 20% to 30% higher. Because of the small wear, vibration and noise are also reduced, not only more environmentally friendly, but also longer service life.
Calcite powder Surface modification machine
If your powder needs to be modified, this powder modification machine can help you solve the problem. It can run continuously, has a large capacity, and is suitable for industrial production of various scales.
And it has both modification and dispersion functions, suitable for any fine material, high modification efficiency, small change in particle shape.
The above is just a brief introduction and recommendation. If you have equipment needs in this area, you can leave us a message or contact us directly, and we will have professional technicians to connect with you and provide you with professional solutions. We also welcome you to visit our company and visit our factory and exhibition hall. Looking forward to cooperating with you, what are you waiting for? Contact us quickly!

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