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Food grade calcium carbonate
- 2020-11-30 -
The chemical formula of calcium carbonate is CaCO3, a chemical substance. Calcium carbonate is a commonly used surface agent and the main component of marble. Calcium carbonate can be divided into edible calcium carbonate and industrial calcium carbonate. Food grade calcium carbonate is often used as a food additive.
Food grade calcium carbonate is widely used in the modern life calcium supplement nutrition and health food industry. It is a high-quality nutritional fortification additive for dairy products, meat products and pasta products, dairy milk powder, milk tablets, beverages, and other industries.
In the process of preparing penicillin, streptomycin, and oxytetracycline, a large amount of calcium carbonate is required. Used as an additive in food to ensure the necessary calcium intake for the human body, such as chewing gum, chocolate and yogurt, calcium tablets, jelly and other beverages as an intensifier to meet the body's calcium demand. Food grade CaCo3 has high content, low impurities, and particularly low indicators such as Pb, As, Hg, Fe.
Product features: high purity, calcium carbonate content of most products exceeds 99.0%; high whiteness, specially selected natural high whiteness and flawless ore, typical whiteness of the product ≥95; low impurity content.
Product application: According to the regulations of GB2760, the product can be used as alkaline agent, nutritional supplement, dough regulator, curing agent, yeast nutrient, anti-caking agent, bulking agent, gum auxiliary and modification in food processing Agent.
In the production of food-grade calcium carbonate and industrial-grade calcium carbonate, the requirements for ore raw materials are different. The ore used for the production of food-grade calcium carbonate must be pure natural ore with high quality and high content, and pollution and impurities are not allowed during the processing. The packaging process should also be clean and pollution-free.
The better the quality of calcium carbonate ore, the higher the purity, the higher the whiteness, the higher the mesh, and the higher the price. Therefore, the price of food grade calcium carbonate is several times more expensive than the price of industrial grade calcium carbonate.
In addition to obtaining food-grade calcium carbonate from high-purity natural ore, there are also those obtained from biology. There is a kind of biological food-grade calcium carbonate obtained through processing and production of pearls, shells, corals and egg shells on the market. The cost of this calcium carbonate will be higher and the price will be relatively more expensive.

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