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Limestone processing fineness specification and price
- 2020-10-14 -
Limestone processing fineness specification and price (price is for reference only)
Calcium hydroxide production process
Lime digestion method: After calcining limestone into calcium oxide, it is selected and digested with water in a ratio of 1:(3~3.5) to produce calcium hydroxide liquid, which is purified, separated and slagged, and then dewatered by centrifugation at 150~ Dry at 300°C, and then screen (above 120 mesh) to be the finished calcium hydroxide.
Food grade: low content of heavy metals such as arsenic and lead, calcium hydroxide content of 95-100.5
Chemical reagent grade: Calcium hydroxide is mainly used for scientific research and development. Its high quality, high content, and expensive price. Generally, it is 4000-6000 yuan/ton.
Pharmaceutical grade and food grade: Calcium hydroxide is widely used in the synthesis of medicine and food additives, the synthesis of high-tech biological materials HA, the synthesis of VC phosphate as feed additives, the synthesis of food konjac, the synthesis of calcium agents, and the synthesis of calcium naphthenate and calcium lactate. , Calcium citrate sugar industry additives and water treatment and other high-end organic chemical synthesis, low content of heavy metals such as arsenic and lead, calcium hydroxide content of 95-100.5. Generally above 400 mesh, the price is 600-1000 yuan/ton.
Industrial grade: Calcium hydroxide is mainly used in environmentally friendly neutralizers, acidic wastewater, sewage treatment, boiler flue gas desulfurization and building construction. Generally, 325 mesh is 400-600 yuan/ton.
1. Raw limestone ore: about 60
2. Limestone mainly removes impurities in metallurgical solvents. Sulfur and phosphorus are removed during steelmaking, and gangue is removed in ironmaking. The price is 70-80 yuan per ton, and the specific price depends on the transportation distance.
3. National standard calcium carbonate powder, 160 yuan for 200 mesh, 180 yuan for 325 mesh, and 260 yuan for 400 mesh. 600 meshes are 260 yuan, 800 meshes are 320 yuan, and 1000 meshes are 400 yuan.
4. Limestone powder is more used in rubber, coatings and plastics. Generally, the fineness of 800 mesh and 1250 mesh is more. 800 mesh 350, 1250 mesh 480. Yuan.
5. Limestone is processed into gray calcium powder to make putty powder: about 400 mesh is 400 yuan per ton.
6. Production of cement: dry production and processing to 5mm, the finer the wet, the better.
7. The 200 mesh for desulfurization is 85 yuan.
Putty powder grade of ordinary 280 mesh is fine, but it is 325 mesh to the outside world. In fact, it is 100 yuan for 280 mesh. The plastic requires a high level of 400-3000 mesh. The ore has to use high calcium grade. The whiteness is around 90, 1250 meshes, 460 Yuan, 2000 meshes, 560 Yuan, 3000 meshes, 740 Yuan, gray calcium powder (calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide) 400 meshes, not calcium powder, the price is 400 Yuan.

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