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What's the Operation Flow of Calcite Grinding Mill?
- 2017-09-20 -

calcite grinding mill

Calcite grinding mill is one of a very powder making machines, which is usually used in the mining industry. However, do you know the operation flow of calcite grinding mill?

1. Check the electrical parts before we start to work
Before we use the calcite grinding mill, check if the connection bolts are loose; the lubrication point of lubrication is normal, the transmission is normal and reliable, protective devices the intact, electrical instrument is sensitive, good contact with the motor brush.

2. Wheel the calcite grinding mill for a week
We should check the equipment rotating around and make sure it without obstructions, and eliminate. No standing around the station when starting.

3. Warning of after inspection
Press the start button to start the motor, we should pay more attention to current changes. calcite grinding mill can be started for no more than twice continuously. If the start it thirdly, it must be checked with the electrician, fitter before starting. Do not start with other devices at the same time, to start staggered to avoid tripping.

As you can see, we will meet some questions when we are using the calcite grinding mill. If we can't understand the operation flow of the calcite grinding mill, it will have some trouble when we use the grinding mill. No matter what question you have, please leave your message on our website, our technical engineer would give you an answer.



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