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Calcite Raymond Mill in Shanghai Clirik
- 2017-09-19 -

Introduction of Calcite Raymond Mill

calcite grinding mill

Product Name: Calcite Raymond Mill
Brand: Clirik
Model: YGM7815/4121/8314/9517&MTM1600
Application: including dolomite, limestone, calcite, calcium carbonate, carbon black and other more than 150 kinds of stone materials grinding.
Powder Use Range: different stone powder can be used in different ares, but most of them can be used in mining, chemical, transport and other more than 20 areas.
Output of Raymond Mill: 1-20 t/h
Finish Powder Fineness: 50 mesh to 500 mesh can be adjusted

Advantages of Calcite Raymond Mill

mill advantages

1. Fineness controllable, can meet various needs
2. Small footprint, saving space costs
3. Compared to other mills, the calcite Raymond mill is cheaper
4. High efficiency, calcite Raymond mill can work 8-12 hours a day continuously

More Information About Calcite Raymond Mill Manufacturer

clirik factory

Calcite Raymond Mill Website: http://calcitegrindingmill.com/
Phone Number: 86-021-20236178
Email: sales@clirik.com
Address: Shanghai Pudong New Area Heqing town Fuqinglu No. 19

More information about calcite Raymond mill, welcome to leave your message to inquiry.


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