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Production advantages of impact sand making machine processing limestone
- 2022-08-04 -
As a pure natural stone in nature, limestone mostly exists in rivers and hilly areas, and it is very easy to mine. As an important building aggregate, limestone can become high-quality sand after crushing, sand making and screening. The sand produced by limestone has uniform particle size, good wear resistance and low mud content, which is the best material for sand making.
Limestone is a kind of hard natural sandstone, which is harder than ordinary sandstone. But this is nothing to the impact sand making machine, because of its special performance and super processing ability, it can easily crush limestone materials, and the processed finished materials have reasonable gradation and uniform particles. It is also possible to use a high speed mode of more than 80 m/s for fine crushing and shaping of the material again, which plays a role in optimizing the particle size grading of the finished product. At the same time, it also brings great convenience in the later screening.
sand making machine
The limestone impact sand making machine has high working efficiency, and the equipment adopts professional technology and high-quality materials in all aspects, so the service life of the sand making equipment is also increased. Moreover, the reasonable and concise structure also makes the limestone impact sand making machine more convenient to operate and maintain. This special advantage also saves a lot of costs for the users of the sand making machine.

1. Deep cavity rotor design, the crushing cavity is deeper and the material throughput is larger. While improving the sand making efficiency, the river pebble can fully collide with the crushing wall in the crushing cavity. The river pebbles collide with each other, more crushing and less grinding, improve the sand formation rate, reduce the powder content, and make the sand making effect better.

2. Hydraulic cover opening device, thin oil lubrication scheme adopts hydraulic cover opening device. In daily work, users can directly open the cover for maintenance, which is easy to maintain, and the thin oil lubrication scheme is adopted to effectively protect the normal operation of the sand making machine from overflowing.

3. The airflow inside the vortex chamber is self-circulating, and the dust leakage is less. There is no self-circulation of air flow in the vortex chamber, and various dusts generally do not overflow. The whole process realizes green production, and the noise is relatively low, which does not interfere with the surrounding environment.

4. The wearing parts have good wear resistance and long service life. The wearing parts of the whole machine are located on the throwing head, and the throwing head is also designed with high-quality steel. The overall use of combined design, better wear resistance, longer service life.


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