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How much is the mill production line for processing 1500 mesh calcite powder?
- 2021-04-01 -
Calcite powder, because its main component is heavy calcium carbonate, it is also called heavy calcium powder. The fineness of the finished product of this kind of powder is different, and the production uses are also different. Among them, the processing of this kind of powder is inseparable Open the application of calcite powder production line.
Since the calcite production line requires the fineness of the finished product to be 1500 meshes, special attention will be paid to the main grinding equipment on the calcite powder production line that is generally selected. Generally, the ultra-fine mill equipment is selected, which can fully meet the fineness of the finished product. The fineness of the finished product can be adjusted arbitrarily between 325-3000 mesh, of which 1500 mesh is far enough.
Therefore, different from the main equipment on the configuration of other calcite powder production lines, the price of ultra-fine grinding mill is higher than other grinding equipment, so the price of the equipment configuration of the 1500 mesh calcite powder production line is higher than that of the general calcite powder production line. Some, but the economic benefits created are also higher, because the finer the finished product, the higher the unit product price under certain other conditions, the more obvious the benefits to users.

Calcite ultrafine grinding mill 

The 1500-mesh calcite powder production line has regulations on the particle size of the finished product, but it does not give a specific introduction to its production output. Generally, the entire set of calcite powder production lines with large output is more expensive to invest; secondly, the difference in equipment combination schemes on the production line The price of the 1500 mesh calcite powder production line is different. For example, some users only need one-stage crushing, and some require multiple-stage crushing. In this way, coupled with the conveyors and other equipment connected between various equipment, the price will be much worse;
Then there is the difference in the price of the production line caused by the manufacturer’s quotation. Some manufacturers include the costs involved from the sale to installation and commissioning, but some may only include the comprehensive price of the calcite powder production line itself, transportation costs, etc. Not included.
Of course, there will be many factors, such as market trends, that will affect the investment price of the 1500 mesh calcite powder production line, so I can’t say how much money here. For the specific production line price, users need to directly consult our customer service staff online to obtain a quotation.

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