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Does your calcite grinding mill production capacity decline?
- 2021-01-21 -
What are the important factors that affect the output of calcite mills? When we process and grind stone, each type of grinding equipment has corresponding requirements for the water content of the stone. Because if the material has a large moisture content, it is easy to form a sticky wall blockage during the grinding and milling process, resulting in less powder and low output. If the material is too dry, it will increase the grinding difficulty of the calcite mill and cause great damage to the components, thereby reducing the working efficiency of the calcite mill and affecting the output. Therefore, grasping the appropriate moisture content is an important factor to ensure the output of the calcite mill.
Calcite grinding mill capacity
The selection of supporting machines can ensure the orderly progress of the entire milling production line in the production and processing, such as bucket elevator feeding and lifting, electromagnetic vibration feeder feeding uniformly, fan blowing feeding and dust removal device cooling and dust removal, etc., any problems occur in any link. The entire production line will be shut down to deal with failures, affecting efficiency and output. To get rid of the constraints of various failures of the supporting equipment, it is necessary to make sufficient preparations before production to ensure the rationality of the milling production line. Especially for the air volume and pressure of the fan, the work of the pulverizer is to rely on its fan to support strong wind to ensure the flow and transmission of materials in the whole set of equipment. If the air volume is too large or small, it is not good for the normal production of output.
The hardness and fineness of the material: the particle size of the feed during the grinding process is 3-5 cm, and the particle size below or above this standard will directly affect the output. Moreover, the ultra-fine mill is used to process low hardness The output of materials such as limestone, bluestone, weathered sand, etc. is higher than the output of processing hard rocks such as cobblestone, granite, and basalt.
The pulverizer can be used in the pulverizing process of a variety of ores, and the hardness and material characteristics of different ore are different, which results in different grinding effects in the production line of the pulverizer. Therefore, it is recommended that you need the characteristics of the materials to select the appropriate mill production line before purchasing the milling equipment, so as to meet the technological requirements.
The more fine powder contained in the material before grinding by the ultrafine mill, the more it affects the grinding of the ultrafine mill, because these fine powders are easy to adhere and affect the transportation. For those with a large amount of fine powder, they should be screened in advance. In this case, we recommend that customers use a vibrating screen to screen the material before the milling process.

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