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Clirik calcite ultra-fine vertical mill
- 2019-10-23 -

Calcite ultra-fine vertical mill is mainly used for the production of calcite ultrafine powder. Calcite micropowder can be used in medicine, food, PVC pipe, coating, metal smelting and other industries. It is one of the most widely used inorganic filler masterbatches. CLUM ultra-fine vertical mill is an ideal equipment for ultra-fine powder processing in the industry due to its high efficiency in grinding and powder selection, easy maintenance, low operating cost, high efficiency and environmental protection, and high degree of automation.
For the calcite ultra-fine vertical mill operator, the adjustable operating parameters are mainly the calcining speed, grinding concentration, medium filling rate and material ratio of the calcite. The process of calcite vertical grinding mill is the working of grinding and impact crushing of the ball, so the media filling rate and the ratio of the ball directly affect the grinding effect.
In the case of closed-circuit grinding, if this happens in calcite vertical grinding, the fineness of the grinding product will change. such as:
(1) The calcite vertical grinding partition plate breaks or falls off. When this problem occurs, the grinding body is smashed, the grinding effect of each bin is significantly deteriorated, the fineness of the product is thickened, and there are large particles accompanied by grinding and chaos. This problem must be dealt with in a timely manner to prevent damage to the calcite lining and the cylinder.
(2) The discharge jaw is damaged or falls off. When this happens, the fineness of the product is increased, and there is a broken or even entire grinding body in the grinding material of the calcite, and there is a foreign object impact sound in the grinding hoist and the classifier. This problem should be dealt with in time to prevent damage to the conveying and sorting equipment. 


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