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Three Tips of Calcite Grinding Mill Turnplate Maintenance
- 2018-05-08 -

Turnplate is one of the important part in the calcite grinding mill, because the calcite grinding mill turnplate will often get in tough with the stone materials, so do some timely maintenance work for grinding mill’s turnplate is very important. So what should we do, so that we can ensure the calcite grinding mill has a long running.

calcite grinding mill

Firstly, the maintenance of grinding roller and turnplate. Long time use of the calcite roller and turnplate will lead to irregular size, which will cause low grinding efficiency and low output. Under this condition, we should regularly check the wear conditions of the roller and turnplate. If it is wearing seriously we should timely upgrade so as to avoid large vibration.

Secondly we should pay more attention to the maintenance of materials ring. The materials ring is use to completely grinding the materials, whose height decides the thickness of the materials. With the wear to the turnplate, we should lower the materials ring’s height until it is completely disappear according to the production condition of calcite grinding mill.

Thirdly is the maintenance to the materials baffle. According to the wear conditions we should frequently adjust the height of the materials baffle or we could scrape the materials in the grinding turnplate so as to stable the materials layer, which could guarantee the balanced materials. Thus can effectively protect the calcite grinding mill from wearing.

Do you know how to maintenance method of calcite grinding mill in the daily life now? Or do you have any other maintenance methods of calcite grinding mill? Welcome to share your idea with us, and thanks a lot.


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