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Clirik Calcite Powder Making Machine
- 2017-10-17 -

As we all know, Shanghai Clirik is a old brand of mining equipment, as a professional mining equipment manufacturer, we can supply most of mining equipment for our customers. For example: stone crusher, superfine grinding machine, powder analysis machine, powder packaging machine, powder modification machine and other mining machines.

Our calcite grinding mill has a widely used in powder making areas. Besides the calcite, it also can be used in barite, dolomite, limestone, calcium carbonate, carbon black, gypsum, feldspar and other more than 150 kinds of stone materials.

calcite grinding mill

Our calcite grinding mill use a vertical structure, saving space and easy to operate. In the same case, 30% of the energy can be saved by calcite grinding mill. So our calcite grinding mill is high efficiency.

Our calcite grinding mill was equipped with dust removal equipment, so we needn’t worry about the leakage of powder and other factors, so our calcite grinding mill is not only environmental protection, but also to protect the powder out rate.

Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co. Ltd., is a very professional grinding mill manufacturer in China. No matter you have any question about this mining industry, as a “grinding expert”, we can give you an answer. More information about our calcite grinding mill, please leave your message on our website.


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