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Calcite Powder Making Machine, Raymond Mill and Ball Mill
- 2017-09-12 -

There are lots of people, prefer to compare the Raymond mill with the ball mill. Why they like to do this? Because both Raymond mill and ball mill are high efficient mining equipment. However, as two types of common powder grinding machines. What’s the difference between them? We will take an example in calcite powder making processing for you.

Calcite Raymond Mill

calcite Raymond mill

Generally speaking, there is not much difference in performance and structure between calcite Raymond mill and common Raymond mill. However, according to some massive calcite powder making manufacturer, we can supply them the Raymond mill which especially applicable to calcite powder grinding. Because the calcite is not as hard as feldspar or slag, so the relatively soft abrasive medium is placed in the calcite Raymond mill. Use the softer medium in calcite Raymond mill not only can process large amounts calcite powder, but also could make the calcite Raymond mill have a longer service life.

Calcite Ball Mill

calcite ball mill

Compare with calcite Raymond mill, the calcite ball mill have a big advantage on capacity. Generally speaking, the built area of calcite ball mill is larger than talc Raymond mill, so the ball mill capacity or production should be greater than Raymond mill, ball mill production is around 10 times than Raymond mill. Of course, in the machine cavity of the ball mill, there are a large number of steel balls used to prevent stone grinding, through the ball and ball constantly rolling, so as to achieve the purpose of milling.

However, there is a saying is true, not matter calcite Raymond mill or calcite ball mill. The best thing for you is the best suitable for you. If you want to know more details about calcite Raymond mill or calcite ball mil? Welcome to search the answer on our website.


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